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Amusing Libertarian Activism

While not as amusing as my Richmond City Council Forum with the Greens story, I found last night's events to be to be amusing. So amusing that I felt compelled to share. Kevin said it was so great that I should post it to the blog (blame him not me). So here's my first TFL blog entry. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

A couple of weeks ago Long-Time Activist (LTA) agreed to put up a Libertarian Party sign in his yard, if the PHSC paid for half of it. It was a good fundraising gimmick and got the normally stingy group to fork over the cash. But that was weeks ago and I hadn't heard from LTA except once when he asked if the Campaign Finance Deform Law would have any implications for the sign.

I hadn't checked the email account for a while and discovered that LTA had put up the sign Thursday and wanted his money. Feeling bad about the email snafu and not wanting to distribute Henrico Taxpayer Union flyers door-to-door, I make a special trip out for him.

I search for LTA's house. Luckily the sign was visible from the street otherwise I would have gone to the wrong house. The address he gave me ended in 02, but the real address ended in 01. After briefly talking at the door we walk over to the sign (really just a vinyl banner). It says something like "Libertarian Party - The Party of Principle - Call Now" and lists a number and the website.

Now I thought we were going to have something a little more sturdy than a vinyl banner otherwise I'd have made it myself. I was thinking we'd get something like the George Allen sign that appears every so often just a little ways down from LTA's house. It's a nice wooden sign that would require a couple of hurricanes to knock it down. This banner thing almost fell over when I breathed on it.

But of course LTA is all happy and proud of this thing and even I have to admit it is a nice banner. It is generic enough that we'll be able to use it in the future too. I do question the number on it since I thought 1-800-ELECT-US was the LP number, but LTA assures me that ELECT-US is wrong and that he's got the right number on the banner. It also says paid for by Henrico Libertarians, which is a group that doesn't exist.

The Banner is set up so that a light shines on it at night. It's also in a good location at the corner of a major intersection. Overall, it is very nice and in a great location. So I happily fork over the money.

I eventually leave and drive home. The whole time on the way home, I have this nagging feeling that something is horribly wrong. Is the FEC going to put us all in jail for having the wrong group on disclaimer on the banner. No that's not it, there are so many other things they could put us in jail for. Is it the phone number? That's got to be it.

I check out I search and search until I find the 800 number. Man that thing is really hidden. Not that I blame them, I'd rather deal with electronically submitted forms than a phone call (of course I also think being gang raped would be slightly more enjoyable than talking on the phone). Anyway yes I was right the number should be 1-800-ELECT-US. Well maybe it is an old number and still goes to the LP. So I dial the number on the banner.

By this point you should be able to guess what happened next.

I was tempted to stay on the line and be transfered to the 1-900 number, but I didn't think the perky Hispanic woman was going to talk about gay gorilla sex (if you don't get the gay gorilla reference you weren't following the LPVA saga for the last few years -- be glad about that).

So I quickly hung up and dialed LTA.

- Hey LTA have you dialed that number on the banner?
-- no.
- Well don't. I did.
-- what's a matter?
- It's a sex line.
-- oh I'll take it down right now.

And that's tonight's amusing bit of activism.


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