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Republicans for a Planned Economy

The Republican party as a whole claims to be the party of free markets and limited government. However, some of the bills that the Republican Congress drops either shows their rhetoric to be mere propaganda or some just do not understand how markets actually operate and what freeing them from government intervention actually means. The most recent example is H.R. 27 - Job Training Improvement Act of 2005. This bill is purported to enhance the workforce investment system of the Nation by strengthening one-stop career centers, providing for more effective governance arrangements and by promoting access to a more comprehensive array of employment, training, and related services. If our esteemed leaders understood the market, they would realize that government funded training programs ( something Mussolini would have supported) is not the answer to creating more jobs and ensuring that applicants are trained appropriately (both of which are not the proper function of government, unless we are referring in a fascist or socialist forms of government). If the Congress wants to do something useful and not contribute to the further management of the economy by so-called 'experts' and 'technocrats' and not waste tax payer monies on corporate welfare, than they should propose real tax cuts, end corporate welfare, and stop wasting tax monies on foolish social engineering programs such as one-stop career centers.

Michael D. Ostrolenk