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On the Soapbox Watch

Yesterday, I coined the term "soapbox lunatic" on this blog. It's pejorative, I know, yet the more I think about it, the more accurate it seems. For an excellent example of taking positions far outside the mainstream, see Jacob Hornberger's column "Why Save Social Security?" on

A learned man, Hornberger still asks the question: "So, why not repeal Social Security – or even gradually demolish it – rather than simply reform it or, even worse, save it?"

I guess this is a serious question, so I'll offer a few responses...because it won't happen...because 95% of the population -- perhaps more -- would not support abolition...because SS represents the sole or majority of the income for many people in America.

One may well not like or support a lot of things in life. This, for instance, has been a long, cold winter, and I'd like Spring to be here, too, but complaining about it will not make it warm up.

It seems free liberals are being more thoughtful on the subject, like Carl Milsted or Paul Jacob.

While I didn't vote for him and am not a fan generally, we should be honest and give Bush some credit for even broaching the subject. While his plan may not be worthy of support, at least he's asking some questions. Hornberger's questions and analysis are not "wrong." They are, however, simply irrelevant.

-- Robert Capozzi

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