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Send in the Gnomes

By Paul Jacob

The best defense is often self-defense. But in Britain, strict gun control, sword control, and even knife control has rendered peaceful citizens defenseless.

Well, almost. A Cornish grandmother recently defended herself quite successfully in her home. With a garden gnome.

She awoke one morning to the sound of an intruder on the roof. It was not Christmas, and this fellow wasn't St. Nick. She went outside, looked up, and "grabbed the first thing" that came into her hand for a weapon -- a garden gnome. She "politely" told the intruder not to move, and hurled the gnome at him.

The gnome, a hardy member of a great traveling race, found its destination and toppled the man.

The grandmother screamed; her neighbors called the police. But their involvement was after the fact. They arrested and "cautioned" the young would-be burglar.

The Associated Press gave a spokesman for the local police the last word: "Our usual advice would be not to get involved, but to contact the police straight away."

Not get involved . . . why, it's only your own defense!

In America, too often republican, individualist traditions are ground down till no rough bumps (individuals) remain. And yet, it could be worse. It could be Britain.

But hey: I've got to respect British pluck. Especially that of Mrs. Jean Collop of Cornwall.

No matter what happens overseas, let's make sure we always have guns for self-defense in America. Otherwise, can you imagine the queue for garden gnomes?

This is Common Sense. I'm Paul Jacob.

Common Sense is published by Americans for Limited Government. Their website can be visited at

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