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Wrestling with a Dilemma

By Paul Jacob

Jerry Conners wants to sue because boys from two private religious schools in the Puget Sound area would not get into the ring with his daughter and wrestle. The bouts were forfeited and she won by default.

Why did the boys forfeit? Maybe chivalry. Maybe fear of litigation relating to injury . . . or even sexual harassment.

One can understand the frustration of girls who want to compete with the boys. The frustration of their dads too, I guess. But, I mean, come on. This isn't bowling we're talking about. Or badminton. Or golf. Or Frisbee. And the kind of father who would sue somebody because you forfeited a match, well, any chance he might sue if his daughter gets injured while wrestling?

Mr. Conners says there should be limits to how much private schools can "get away with" on religious grounds. He says: "If my religion says that once a year on a full moon, I had to get into a hit-and-run accident, I think the cops would take exception to that. That's an extreme example, but if you come into the public domain, you can't develop a policy that discriminates against people."

EXTREME example? Uh, let's try "irrelevant." Forfeiting a match ain't a crime, so the comparison is meaningless. Any kid is free to forfeit a match.

What dad is really saying is he doesn't like what some people choose to do, entirely within their rights. So, actions he doesn't like should be illegal -- whether or not they violate anybody else's rights. No. Sorry. That's a wrestling match with common sense that nobody can win.

This is Common Sense. I'm Paul Jacob.

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