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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

Pass the Initiative

by Paul Jacob

What will we talk about at holiday parties this year? My favorite subject -- politics -- has become boring, tedious, depressing. Pass the egg nog, please. Thanks.

Nobody trusts the Republicans. Nobody trusts the Democrats.

At festive parties, both political parties are held in utter disrepute. The people know that both parties' politicians are whiny, spoiled, big-spending brats, more concerned with their personal political fortunes than the country's welfare.

And just recently, while we were busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, those Congressmen took yet another pay raise. So now they make at least $165,000 a year.

Polls show that most Americans think Congress is doing an absolutely lousy job and most want someone new to replace the current career politician pretending to represent them.

Yet, few expect incumbents in Congress to face much competition. The power of incumbency is simply too great. Only four incumbent congressmen were defeated in 2002 and only five in 2004. The average incumbent won by more than 40 percentage points.

A dozen years ago Democrats controlled the White House and Congress, were mired in corruption and arrogantly ignoring the people. Today? Well, it's "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" with Republicans.

Columnist David Broder asks, "When both parties have lost public confidence, where do voters turn?"

That's easy: to themselves, with initiatives reining in the politicians . . . where initiatives are available.

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