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If You Love Your Country, You Should Question 9/11

by Jonathan David Morris

Charlie Sheen likes prostitutes.

On March 20th, the aforementioned actor appeared on the Alex Jones radio show to discuss his thoughts on 9/11. He said he didn’t believe that a plane hit the Pentagon, and added the Twin Towers looked like they were imploded.

And the best response anyone could come up with was to say he was nuts and likes prostitutes.


Not that I’m arguing the guy’s predilection for hookers here. I have no doubt that the man who once played Wild Thing Vaughn likes paying for sex from time to time. It’s just that that’s totally irrelevant to his 9/11 theories. Bringing it up seems like a specious way of proving a plane ever hit the Pentagon.

So why is that? Could it be because there’s no other way to prove it?

As crazy as I’m sure this will sound, a number of Americans—and people all over the world—believe, on the basis of questions such as the one I just posed, that 9/11 wasn’t the work of Arab terrorists, but rather an inside job by the U.S. government. The motive? Amongst other things, to swindle us into invading Iraq.

Now, I’m not saying you should believe this theory. And I’m not even saying I believe it myself. But just consider it for a moment. Think a few things over before ruling the whole theory out.

First off, Americans have never seen footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon. Security cameras supposedly captured it on film, but nobody’s seen it, because the feds have kept it to themselves. All we’ve ever seen is the aftermath: just a giant, smoldering crater… with no tracks on the ground… and no visible signs of an airplane…

Some people believe a missile caused the damage. You might think this is nuts, but absent the footage, who could disprove it?

Then there’s Charlie Sheen’s implosion theory. This one’s tougher to swallow. After all, we’ve seen the footage for this one—we know planes hit the Twin Towers. Yet, as skeptics point out, if you watch the footage closely, you’ll notice a series of small explosions causing structural damage down the sides of the buildings—right when the debris starts to fall. This is consistent with controlled demolitions.

And a number of folks in New York reported bombs going off that day.

Could it be the Twin Towers were wired to crumble? Could it be the planes we saw only told us half the story?

Again, I’m not saying you should believe that’s the case. Nor am I saying you should believe 9/11 was an inside job. But there are reasonable questions that haven’t been answered yet. And at this point, you shouldn’t really know what to believe.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why folks would suspect the worst here. A number of men in the Bush administration pushed for war in Iraq before 9/11, and pushed for it afterwards—in spite of Iraq not attacking us. This alone doesn’t prove a conspiracy. But the fact that the White House likes secrecy as much as Charlie Sheen likes hookers doesn’t exactly help.

Since 9/11, the Bush team has implemented a number of policies—such as torture, domestic spying, and the capture of enemy combatants—all from behind closed doors. Toss in two controversial elections, and tie it all together with the “Unitary Executive” theory (which effectively gives the president power to rewrite laws during wartime), and it’s no wonder people have their suspicions about 9/11. Our government’s undergoing fundamental changes. It’s not nutty to notice this. It’s nuttier not to.

Which, again, doesn’t prove that the fix was in here. Personally, I think staging 9/11 would’ve been too big an ordeal, organizationally speaking. It would’ve been much easier just to drop our guard and let a couple of irrational, America-hating Muslims pull the damn thing off themselves.

All the same, you can’t see what’s happening in Washington and deny our government’s morphing into a new kind of creature. Whether that’s good or bad is beside the point here. How can you even decide? The news media won’t connect the dots. And politicians do nothing but whitewash the issue.

The conspiracy theorists may come off as wacky, but they’re also the only ones willing to expand the parameters of the debate. They raise questions that need to be asked, and it doesn’t make sense to rule anything out before those questions are answered.

America was built upon being skeptical of the government. If you’re interested in preserving this country, you should be stubborn, spiteful, and skeptical, too. I would suggest that every American head over to Google Video and look up a 9/11 documentary called Loose Change. At times, the narrator treats the conspiracy theories as a given. You’re permitted to ignore this. But just keep watching for factual purposes, and then decide if enough questions have been answered on this issue.

The goal here isn’t to prove 9/11 was a conspiracy. It’s to help you decide just how badly your government failed—and continues to fail—you.

Doing this won’t tarnish your memories of 9/11’s victims. It won’t make you a traitor, and it won’t undermine the troops. If you care about your country, its people, and its history, you owe it to yourself and everything you believe in to determine the full story.

It’s the most patriotic thing you can do.

Jonathan David Morris is a political writer -- and sometimes satirist -- based in Pennsylvania. A strong believer in small government, JDM often takes aim at oppressive taxes, entitlements, and laws, writing about incompetence at the highest levels of culture and government. Catch his weekly ramblings at

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