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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

A Good, Yet Misguided, People

by Richard A. Cheatham, Press Media Group, LLC

Lately, I’ve been speaking a great deal around the country. Matter of fact, this article is being written from Yuma, Arizona.

I’m constantly impressed and amazed at what good people Americans are…for the most part. There are, of course, some real jerks out there too, but the vast majority are wonderful people.

Most Americans are optimistic, friendly, creative, productive, fair-minded, tolerant and generous in supporting things in which they believe. When you get to know them on a one-to-one basis, they’re great people.

If you’re perceptive you’ll even find that most people (taken as individuals) around the world could be described in the very same way. Humans are more alike than different and human nature is timeless and virtually identical in all people.

The thing that constantly surprises me is how such good people can tolerate (and often even advocate) such lousy and counter-productive methods for dealing with others. It amazes me what important functions they casually delegate to other people who function as their “agents.” Of course, I’m talking about those “special agents,” government employees.

Americans (and most other people) let “other people” do the dirty work in society. By that I mean government employees and politicians with all kinds of titles, badges, licenses and guns. They’re the ones who do the real dirty work.

When Americans allow themselves to think bad thoughts about other people, like…they just don’t know good music when they hear it…and, they sure are stupid in their personal spending priorities…and, I sure don’t trust those people to do the right thing…they let those “other people” act in their behalf, stealing, forcing and threatening.

You may want to call these processes by nicer sounding words and terms. You may not want to think you and your fellow citizens are capable of such ugly things, but when you use government to do as much as you do, perhaps it’s best to pretend that those with the mailed fists are not acting in your behalf.

We are so darned comfortable letting others “enforce” the hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations, collect the trillions of dollars it takes to be so bossy and pushy and, in general, just handle all the stuff we don’t want to do or think about. We like to think we’ve even done “the right thing.”

In fact, Americans and other people are happy not to investigate too closely what others do in their name. And then, they wonder why some people hate them around the world, why many people even in this country become polarized and antagonistic toward each other.

There are people who’re happy most of you don’t investigate the real rules of the game too closely. Ignorance is bliss, right? Well, it might seem so for a while. But it never lasts. There always comes a time when we all must pay up.

©2006 by Richard A. Cheatham. All rights reserved. Mr.Cheatham is a professional speaker/writer and is syndicated through Press Media Group, LLC. Contact him through, Living History Assoc., Ltd., at or

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