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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

A New Way to Investigate Human Nature

by Richard A. Cheatham, Press Media Group, LLC

I’ve often said that basic human nature hasn’t changed in recorded history and that it’s the same for all people. We’re really not that much different from race to race, from place to place, from culture to culture…not in the most fundamental ways.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place where all sorts of people from all over the world were meeting, talking, trading, creating…doing all sorts of typical things and where you could visit at any time? There is such a place. I learned about it on the radio about a month ago.

It’s not a real place, rather it’s a “virtual place.” I’m talking about something called Second Life. One downloads a program (at no charge) from and then enters a new, yet familiar, world speaking with real people in real time. Certainly there’s a period when one learns the ropes, but that’s a process SL veterans you’ll meet are willing and eager to help with.

You’ll see yourself (as others see you) as an “avatar.” And those “others” are from around the world. You’ll run into people from Brazil, Holland, France, Romania, Russia, Ireland, Scotland…from just about everywhere. If you need help with language translations, there’s even a translator. You can walk the streets of re-created Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Casablanca, Sao Paulo and many other exotic places. These places look just like their real cousins. It’s amazing, sometimes even beautiful.

As you come to know people from around the world, you’ll realize they’re hardly different from you. They value kindness. They have opinions. They like this and don’t like that. On “private property” owners set the rules and enforce them. You can be booted from an owner’s property if you don’t act according to his/her rules.

If one wants things offered for sale in this new world, one uses “Lindens,” the money in Second Life. What would you want to buy in such a place? Well, what do you buy now? Shoes, land, a house, sofas, a swimming pool…if you buy it today, it’s likely to be found there for sale. You don’t have to buy anything at all. You can live with the free stuff you have when you start, but then, what’s real life like? People improve their situations based upon their preferences and values and their means.

There are now over two and a half million people who walk around this new world. You can even advertise your real world business to them.

On rare occasions you might meet a person who’s not friendly. There’re jerks in Second Life just as there are in real life, but you’ll be amazed at how few.

Give it a try. Heck, you might just run into me. If you’ve been reading this column a while, you’ll even know where to look.

©2007 by Richard A. Cheatham. All rights reserved. Mr.Cheatham is a professional speaker/writer and is syndicated through Press Media Group, LLC. Contact him through, Living History Assoc., Ltd., at or

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