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Coordinating towards higher values

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Re: Don Imus Deserved To Be Fired (And Other Misconceptions), by Jonathan David Morris

You are incorrect, sir: Many people miss the start to their mornings, the wit, the truthful "you know where he stands" comments about the political scene, and the outstanding guests who fought to appear on Imus's show. I am a 64 yr. old conservative white woman, mid-America, very prim and proper and loved waking up with laughter and the ability to make fun of myself through Imus every single morning. From the most conservative to the most liberal, from VP Dick CHeney to Tim Russert [who can no longer disguise his leanings and is right up there with Chris Matthews these days in one-sided subjective programs] anyone who wanted the limelight appeared on Imus' show: Musicians, religious leaders, politicians, his wonderful wife [you liberals should just love her ...oh, maybe not. I forgot you "want to green the world" but she only ACTUALLY accomplishes this task with the new Hackensack NJ all "green" hospital, while the liberal west coast crowd continues to fly private jets and own 4 and 5 houses, most empty a good deal of the time. And, oh yes, let's not forget the Imus cattle ranch for children with cancer which gives many of them some sort of self-pride by teaching them to ride and work with cattle. Whoops, almost forgot the single-handed effort on Imus's part to build the brand-new Veterans rehab hospital out west. Check your facts the next time you write something about Imus.

-Joe Kremp

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