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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

Mr. Perks Goes to Lansing

by Paul Jacob

One newspaper calls Leon Drolet, head of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, “a bully.” State Rep. Ed Gaffney calls him a “brown-shirted, knuckle-dragging thug.” The Detroit Free Press calls him “One of the most unpopular figures in Lansing,” Michigan’s capital.

What does all this name-calling mean? It means Drolet and the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) are having a real impact.

You see, the political establishment — from politicians to special interests — want to raise taxes. The Michigan Taxpayers Alliance does not want a tax hike. The group wants state government to make do with less, just as Michigan taxpayers are having to do during their state’s recession.

But what is really getting the capitol crowd agitated is the fact that Michigan voters are now getting agitated — because Mr. Drolet is sounding the alarm on their threatened tax increase. In fact, Drolet has been using a 12-foot long, half-ton, fiberglass pink pig named “Mr. Perks” to symbolize the waste and arrogance in Lansing. Mr. Perks has visited various swing districts and is often parked outside the capitol in full view of deal-cutting legislators.

Most of all, with leadership from MTA, voters are doing some threatening of their own: the use of recall against legislators who vote to raise taxes.

Drolet is an active citizen, playing by the rules. So, just why doesn’t the political establishment like him?

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