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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

Elitism is in the Eye of the Beholder

This is in reference the the article "The Upper Left Awakes," published on Nov. 29th. 2007.

I am a rabid supporter of Ron Paul, and I thought this was a good article. Until I got to this point:

"Even his anti-abortion stance moves him leftward on this scale. This puts him in league with blue-collar Reagan Democrats, and distances him from the college educated atheist elite."

These sentences show me that the author (Carl S. Milsted, Jr.) still doesn't quite get it, although he is very close (closer than most, in fact). I am a college-educated atheist, and would like to think that I'm not an elitist, but who knows. The fact is that I don't agree with Dr. Paul on some things, but that doesn't matter because as he has routinely stated, it's none of the federal governments business anyway. It's up to the state, just like the constitution says.

Dr. Paul embraces the ultimate American idea: People are different. He understands that our governments role is to facilitate the freedom and individual rights of its citizens, be they man, woman, black, brown, yellow, or white. Period. The citizens of this country are sick and tired of being "saved from themselves", as if we're somehow a bunch of babies who don't know not to run with scissors. Our country is slowly being turned into a police-state, and we sit back, popping anti-depressants and buying yet another wide-screen tv.

My point, ultimately, is this: Enough is enough.

-Tom Dunham

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