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Second Amendment Battle in DC

by Ron Paul

As a United States Congressman, I take my oath to uphold all of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights very seriously. Unfortunately, too many in Washington DC believe they can pick-and-choose which provisions of the constitution they can uphold. For example, many politicians, judges, and bureaucrats believe they have the power to disregard our right to own guns, even though the second amendment explicitly guarantees the people's right to "keep and bear arms."

Like the Founding Fathers, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to a free society. Where law-abiding citizens are most freely allowed to defend themselves, communities are safer, while crime rises when law-abiding people's access to firearms is restricted. Gun laws only disarm those who respect the law. Those with criminal tendencies do not turn in their weapons and reform their ways because government bureaucrats enact statutes that tell them to. Gun control laws turn peaceful citizens into sitting ducks for criminals to prey upon.

Ironically, one of the most draconian gun laws in the nation is in the nation's capital. Banning guns did not make DC safer. In fact crime in DC rose after the gun ban went into place! Fortunately, last year, a federal court struck down DC's gun ban in the case of DC v. Heller. This is the first time in years a court found a gun control law violated the second amendment. However, victory is not secured. The city of DC has appealed and the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case. If the lower court's decision is upheld, law abiding citizens should once again be allowed to defend themselves in DC and I would expect it to become a much safer city. It would also set a very positive precedent that could affect gun laws all over the country.

However, a Supreme Court decision that the District of Columbia 's gun laws are a "reasonable" infringement on constitutional rights could severely setback the gun rights movement.

This is why I have signed on to a brief headed by Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and signed by a majority of Congress asking the Supreme Court to uphold the lower court's decision and take a stand for stricter standards of constitutional review for gun laws. I am pleased to work with Senator Hutchison, and so many of my other colleagues, on this important issue. As a member of the Second Amendment Caucus, I will continue to work with those of my colleagues who support gun rights and grassroots activists to defend the Second Amendment Rights of Americans.

Dr. Paul is a Republican congressman from Texas.

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What about the rights of Americans to be safe from the damage guns extremists like yourself have brought upon us?

What about our rights? Over 30,000 gun deaths a year and you think your rights are being trampled on?

Sounds like you've been snorting too much gun powder.
The NRA and pro gun wacks are the most self centered paranoid group of people in this country; and they are destroying it.

Nice job congressman rambo. Go back to polishing your guns and leave the law making to someone who isn't taking those lobby dollars.

# posted at by jeffw

The 2nd Amendment is there to protect us against a tyrannical government. That is why they don't want us to have guns. I don't own a gun, but I can at least understand the reason the Amendment exists.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

# posted at by Josef

And besides, it's not like you can stop the people really determined to own a gun (particularly those who derive an economic benefit from said ownership, i.e. criminals) from having a gun. Personally, I think people are more likely to threaten violence if they can be reasonably certain their target is not armed.

Anyway, there's far more automobile deaths than gun deaths. What are you gonna do, outlaw cars?

# posted at by Tarvok [TypeKey Profile Page]

Ahh, jeffw, you might want to educate yourself before publicly embarrassing yourself next time. It is very widely known public knowledge that Congressman Paul has NEVER accepted money from ANY lobbyist EVER in his ENTIRE political career.


# posted at by RPV

JeffW, We have rights stated or affirmed in our charter document, The Constitution of the U.S. One of these is the Right to Bear Arms, (what part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?) another is the Pursuit of Happiness. Please feel free to pursue your happiness somewhere else like England where violent crime is up 400% since they outlawed the private ownership of firearms.

# posted at by Leonard B.

As with the first, the second amendment is abslolute up to the point it infringes on the rights of others. As a "right wing gun nut" I have a whole bunch of guns to suit every purpose under the sun. I have no homicidal inclinations. I'm only inclined to preserve my own libery. With all these shootings in "gun free" zones why hasn't the question been asked why events like this don't happen at shooting ranges? Mybe the answer is all to obvious.

# posted at by The Texan

Ron Paul for President in 2008.

# posted at by arpjoe

We are suffering from an epidemic of pansies in this country. Every person should have the fortitude, knowlege, and means to defend himself and his family. Why would you expect a cop to defend you if you are not willing to defend yourself? Darwin will weed you out.

# posted at by Long Rifle

Jeffw. You are an Idiot. Plain and simple. The Federal Govt. has already declared they have NO responsibility to Protect you. You are a Coward who wants someone else to protect you from the Bad guys.If Cops carried sticks-would you call 911 then?. You are more than welcome to move to the UK if you like.If not- don't use your 1st. Amendment right trying to take my 2nd. You may find yourself in a very bad situation! Got it?.

# posted at by HFTech.

HFTech has inadvertently hit on the prime issue - it takes a gun to stop a gun. jeffw is obviously one of those idiots who doesn't realize that when he impotently calls the cops, the purpose is to call guns to the scene, because only a gun will stop a gun. What he and other idiot liberals either fail to or refuse to recognize is that there will literally never be a cop there in time to stop a mass (or any other) shooting in progress. Only a society permeated with peaceable citizens armed for their own and the common defense WOULD be. Which then brings up the absolute asininity of "Gun Free Zones". Yeah they're 'Gun Free' alright - of LEGAL guns, not illegal ones.

Clue to jeffw - It ain't the legal ones you have to worry about.

Gah. Idiots.


# posted at by Barry Hirsh

If 30,000 firearms deaths means we have an abligation to outlaw guns, then 43,000 automobile deaths means we have an obligation to outlaw cars.

I think JeffW was a troll, because what he said was just too ridiculous.

# posted at by Jeff (not Jeffw)

The NRA was not involved in this case until the end. They did not want it to go forward because if they won, they would have no reason to fight and if they lost, they have no further recourse. Either way, they are looking at an end to their ability to fundraise.

The fiction that the second amendment has anything to do with personal weapondry is recent, as is any case law in support of that proposition.

Part of protecting and defending the constitution is to understand the case law and how it has evolved.

Regardless of any right to personal weapondry is the issue of the power of residents of DC to regulate the manner of gun ownership. Surely there is no right to own any gun. Indeed, hunting rifles are legal in the District.

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