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The King’s Eviction Notice

by Paul Jacob

Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev no longer reigns as king of Nepal. On May 28, the Nepalese Constituent Assembly abolished the monarchy. The members of the assembly told Gyanendra to clear out of his Katmandu palace before mid-June.

Consider it the world’s most definitive eviction notice.

A small nation on the opposite side of the world — does it matter to America? Maybe not. But it is worth noting the passing of another monarchy.

After all, our country began in revolt against a king. But we had it easy, in a way; the king was distant. All we had to evict were his soldiers.

But don’t get the idea that Nepal got through it without bloodshed.

First, as I speak this, the monarchy’s end has just been declared. The king isn’t out on his now-civilian keester yet. He could still try something.

Second, he himself came to power in such a manner as to suggest royally red hands. (A common color for kingly hands.) The previous ruler and his whole family were slaughtered. A whole heckuva lot of people in Nepal suspect Gyandendra himself as the conspirator behind the murders.

Third is the Maoist factor. In the April elections, Maoists led the polls but failed to gain a majority.

For the good of the Nepalese, let’s hope the ex-king packs up in peace, and the Maoists pack away their dangerous ideology. Or are themselves soon sent packing

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King Gyanendra was the perfect scapegoat. That's visible in the fact that the Constitutional Assembly could only agree on abolishing the Monarchy. Since then they failed to form a new government and are far away from agreeing on a new constitution. The Monarchy will make a comeback as soon as more people realize what they have lost with this august institution. Long live King Gyanendra!

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