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Free Liberal: Coordinating towards higher values

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

Rio Grande Foundation to Host Luncheon with David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Nation’s Most Influential Pro-Liberty Think Tank

Albuquerque)—David Boaz, one of the most prominent libertarian thinkers in the nation and one of its best public speakers, will be discussing “Freedom in Crisis” at a luncheon event in Albuquerque on Tuesday, July 28.

With Newsweek having proclaimed “We are all Socialists Now” and with both parties having increased in size and scope well beyond what the Founding Fathers envisioned and even beyond what some of our recent big-government elected officials ever dreamed, where does the free market stand? Is America heading down the path to Western European-style socialism? Boaz will discuss these and other pressing issues in his presentation.

Boaz has played a key role in the development of the Cato Institute and the libertarian movement. He is a provocative commentator and a leading authority on domestic issues such as education choice, the growth of government, and the rise of libertarianism and free market thinking.

Boaz is the author of Libertarianism: A Primer, described by the Los Angeles Times as “a well-researched manifesto of libertarian ideas,” author of The Politics of Freedom, the editor of The Libertarian Reader, and coeditor of the Cato Handbook For Policymakers. Boaz is the former editor of New Guard magazine and was executive director of the Council for a Competitive Economy prior to joining Cato in 1981.

Boaz’s articles have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, National Review, and Slate. He is a frequent guest on national television and radio shows, and has appeared on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, CNN’s Crossfire, NPR’s Talk of the Nation and All Things Considered, John McLaughlin’s One on One, Fox News Channel, BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and other media.

The luncheon event will be held at the Marriott Pyramid in Albuquerque from noon to 1pm. The Pyramid is located at 5151 San Francisco Road NE. Cost of the event is $35. Reservations and payment can be made online at Guests may also pay at the door on the day of the event, if space is available. For additional information, please call 505-264-6090 or email

Boaz will have some of his recent books for sale and signing after the event.

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