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Coordinating towards higher values

Transpartisan Thinking and Public Citizenship in the 21st Century

by , Editor in Chief , Free Liberal

Originally published on June 5th, 2017

Michael Ostrolenk joins me to talk about the importance of sympathy and trust in creating transpartisan dialogue to get beyond name-calling and rock-throwing in politics… And to potentially move politics to a higher level.

What can we do to understand where people are coming from and try to respond to their real concerns even if we disagree about political proposals? Can we have real trust across party lines that basic rights are not going to be swept away if the other team wins?

How can we make better decisions politically and how can we live better lives? Can we use our time, attention, and money to more effectively find happiness, while having more energy for our families and our higher values?

Are there potential new political majorities from collaboration across the political divides by recognizing that there are more than two positions on any given issue?

Please submit your own answers in the comments below.

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