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Ahmadinejad and Bush: Something in Common

by Paul Gessing

It turns out that "democracy" is on the march in the Middle East after all, but not because of the Bush Administration's policies. In fact, Iran's President Ahmadinejad is becoming increasingly unpopular at home because he's spending too much time bashing the United States and not enough time reforming his nation's stagnant economy. As an elected leader, he is now facing serious political problems. See how Democracy works President Bush?

The preoccupation both men have with belligerent foreign policies is dragging both men down. While Iran thankfully remains on the back burner for now, Bush should immediately abandon his misguided effort to reform the Middle East and should instead concentrate on enhancing Americans' freedoms here at home. This means bringing the troops home starting now. Unfortunately for us as Americans, according to the article above, the Iranian people seem to be doing a better job of pressuring Ahmadinejad to change direction than we are.