| The Freedomnista Movement

Ron Paul Revolution

by Norm Singleton

A group of Ron Paul fans in Arizona started putting up Ron Paul Revolution signs. The signs are showing up across the country, popping up in unlikely places such as at John McCain's official announcement of his candidacy. The folks behind the Ron Paul Revolution have no official connection to the campaign, and are not getting paid for their efforts. They are liberty-loving Americans who want to help get the word out about the only true peace-and-freedom Presidential candidate.

One problem the mainstream media has in covering Dr. Paul is they are used to modern campaigns spending millions on pollsters, consultants, and "grassroots organizers" to create the illusion that have an army of passionate supporters. Thus, the media simply cannot comprehend that Dr. Paul's success on the Internet is not driven by DC-based consultants but by people responding to Dr. Paul's principled libertarian message.