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For peace and trust can win the day, despite of all your losing.

by Robert Capozzi

For Led Zeppelin aficionados, this short blog’s header is the closing lines for The Immigrant Song. Apropos, methinks, for my comment on Jonathan David Morris’s insightful column here on TFL.

My goodness this immigration debate can get butt ugly. While Bush and the Establishment’s “comprehensive” approach is probably an improvement, rightwing talk radio does have a point. If the US’s borders are so porous that literally millions are here illegally, that is a problem, especially when the schools and hospitals are jammed, and some of these illegals have committed violent crimes. These are not trivial matters.

Here’s my four point plan. Who knows, maybe it breaks the ice in DC:

1. Exit Iraq, redeploying resources and National Guardsmen to the border.
2. Double the immigration quotas.
3. Double work visas.
4. For show, “stage” a few high-profile roundups of illegals.

The implicit message would be to illegals: Go home, get a visa, apply to immigrate, and come back. Or, stay and run the risk of being rounded up.

Sometimes -- often -- almost always -- simple solutions are the best. The pols don’t seem to have gotten that memo.

-Robert Capozzi