Ron Paul Wins Big on Online Libertarian Survey

by Stephen Gordon

One of the projects I've been working on is learning more about what makes the libertarian movement tick. Toward this end, we just ran the first of a series of online surveys at LibertarianLists.com. The raw results of the first survey are available here, and you can participate in the second of the series of surveys here. Most people can complete the second survey in 5 to 10 minutes.

Of the 1,995 people in the online libertarian community who participated in the survey, a whopping 69.6% of people chose Ron Paul as their preferred candidate, although 30 other presidential wannabes were included as possible choices. Here's how some of the other numbers break down:

Paul has 92.68% name recognition. 71.33% feel very positively about the candidate and15.19% feel somewhat positively. 2.96% are neutral. 2.01% feel somewhat negatively about Paul and only 1.20% feel very negatively about him.

Paul has the support of 53.98% of the Republicans who participated in the survey, along with 72.24% of Libertarian Party members and 70.59% of independents. He received 27.08% support from the Democrats and Greens responding to the survey.

Paul's lower numbers within the Republican ranks are mostly due to his position on the Iraq War. Of the self-described libertarians supporting other GOP presidential candidates, 60.64% feel that we should have invaded Iraq and 49.53% feel we need to continue military operations in that country.

The most important political issue to Paul supporters is our loss of civil liberties. Other hot button issues are the Iraq War, federal spending, foreign policy, elimination of federal departments and agencies, and taxes.

Additional analyses of the survey data here and here.