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Changing of the Guard

by Kevin D. Rollins

Robert Capozzi
Free Liberal Editor
In the summer of 2003, four years ago, I made the decision to shut down The Beltway Free-Marketeer, which was produced by the George Mason University Students for Individual Liberty, and founded the The Free Liberal. I was publisher of the Free-Marketeer. In the transition, I added the role of editor to my responsibilities. I wanted to ensure that the publication I was raising money for that I was logistically supporting was in line with my own sensibilities and particular ideology. It is not an easy job. It is a desperate chase for good writing, while maintaining a strict line of defense against political screeds and half-baked ranting. Beggars can be choosers. Meet the non-profit magazine editor.

An associated problem, is not just choosing good writing, but finding individuals who have the right mix of free time, good judgment, and a willingness/desire to assist with the selection and editing of articles. In this, I have been extremely lucky, especially in meeting Bob Capozzi in early 2005.

Bob has been our most prolific blogger and has successively taken over more and more of the responsibilities of editing this publication. In fact, in the last year, there would have been no Free Liberal at all if it were not for Bobs tireless efforts. Today, Im pleased to announce that Bob Capozzi will be recognized for a role that he is already fulfilling, as Editor of The Free Liberal.

In taking this role, Bob is fully-responsible for the furthering the Free Liberal vision and message. I believe that I could not find someone who understands this vision in both mind and spirit better than he does. Bob is a true believer in peace both in the political idea and in pursuing as a personal life goal. Bobs sophistication in multi-dimensional thinking and free-market economics enable him to attend to the goal of peace with more than empty sloganeering. Ever a contrarian, Bob will certainly not fall victim to the traps of partisanship or other kinds of teamistic ideology. This openness in his character is essential to our mission which aims to bring classical and modern liberals together to jointly address public policy problems.

I will step back and focus my efforts on getting The Center for Liberty and Community fully-funded and organizationally fit. I will work in support of Bob to bring the resources needed to grow the publication.

For now, All hail the editor!