| Individualist Values


by Robert Capozzi

TFL publisher and founder Kevin Rollins recommended the TV show LOST to me a year or two ago. Im not much for network programming, but I thought Id give it a whirl. Its easy enough to get on Netflix.

The shows fantastic. For TFL readers, youll find the bonus is that many of the characters are named after philosophers and thinkers. Names like: John Locke, Edmund Burke, Rousseau, Hawking, Bakunin, and Hume are peppered throughout the show, to our delight. In Season 3, Sawyer clearly the most selfish character in the ensemble is intently reading Ayn Rands THE FOUNTAINHEAD on the beach.

Although the show has a nighttime soap structure, viewers will find a number of thought-provoking themes presented.

And, of course, LOST introduced the world to Evangeline Lilly.