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Racist Words vs. Racist Deeds

by Carl Milsted, Jr.

So you wish to improve racial equality and you have two candidates to choose from. Which of these do you choose?

Candidate A uses politically correct language, supports current civil rights laws, and otherwise supports the status quo.

Candidate B has a history of hanging out with old-time racist conservatives, questions civil rights laws, and wants to end the War on Drugs.

Objectively speaking, Candidate B is better, by an overwhelming margin. Jail time really stinks up a resume, far beyond what civil rights laws or affirmative action can repair. And I hear jail time is rather unpleasant. How many racial slurs does it take to equal one man-year in jail in terms of unpleasantness? My estimate would be on the order of many thousands at least.

So, theoretically Ron Paul is the least racist candidate running for president this year. But I cannot fault anyone who begs to differ. Those old newsletters written in Ron Paulís name were truly vile.

True, deeds are more important than words. If Ron Paul were to win the presidency and pardon non-violent drug offenders as promised, those deeds would far outweigh the ugly words.

But the words happened while the deeds are in a future, a rather unlikely future given the polling numbers and the current scandal. My own enthusiasm for the Ron Paul Revolution has thus plummeted. Iíve removed my bumper sticker and turned over control of my local Ron Paul meetup.

And I will continue to disassociate with Paulís campaign unless the campaign makes it extremely clear that the Ron Paul Revolution is not some covert racist operation. The tepid rationalizations to date donít hack it. The campaign needs to:

  1. Donate the Stormfront money to a Jewish charity.
  2. Out and vilify Ė or extract a public apology from Ė the actual author of the offensive editorials.
  3. Go on the offensive on the race issue. Spend some big bucks on ads pointing out the horrible injustices perpetrated against black communities today by the drug warriors. Promise pardons, restorations of voting rights, in your ads.

The third item will cost some social conservative votes. But such cost would constitute sufficient restitution for prior sponsorship of racists. And it would allow me and others like me to once again proudly say ďI am a Ron Paul supporter.Ē

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So... let me get this straight. You're giving up on what you know is right because some people called the candidate you support, and by extension you and everyone else who supports the candidate, a racist. Congratulations. You are doing exactly what the other status quo candidates want you to do. If this is an accurate assessment, you never should have had the revolution bumper sticker in the first place. A Revolution needs a thick hide and resolve, through good days and bad. If you can't stand the fire, then by all means, get out, but don't expect others to follow. The campaign doesn't need to dignify these people.

# posted at by Nathan Warren

This site lost it's credibility a long time ago. It appears this site is reserved for those with an axe to grind, nothing less.

# posted at by rw3

My signs and bumper stickers are gone as well. I am not only sickened, I feel as I've been Pwned by Ron Paul.

Too bad. 'Twas fun while it lasted, though. Now, I guess it's time for me to launch into damage control mode -- time to explain to folks that Libertarianism does Not = Ku Klux Klan.

# posted at by Libertarian

Well said Nathan -- by dropping out, Carl validates every bit of it. If he actually believes Ron Paul is a racist, he hasn't been paying attention.

# posted at by Bo

I heard these allegations the very first time I researched Dr. Paul. We all make mistakes, and his mistake was not paying closer attention to what went out under his name. The poor man was delivering babies full time and traveling the country, I'm not sure what more you can truly expect. This has be hashed and rehashed and has not stopped him from being re-elected 10x in Texas. If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive a man who is doing more for Civil Rights in this country than all the other GOP candidates combined, then by all means remove your bumper sticker because you were not worthy of it. Please stay out of the Revolution, because we cannot afford to be weighed down by those who shift their support at the least bit of strife. I forgive Dr. Paul for not monitoring these newsletters, even though this is a decade old story.

# posted at by Beth

WOW, Carl?, you let down a lot of people. How could you walk away from all these people? I guess you never believed the message. That junk has been hashed, and rehashed for years and swatted down every time. It's ELECTION year, don't you get it? That's why this came up! Tell me some more supposed dirt about Dr. Paul. I bet you can't do it on your own.

# posted at by John

Item Number 3 is a dandy idea, and a great campaign strategy. However, it is something that Dr. Paul has already taken up. (See the CNN Wolfe Blitzer video (available on

Items Number 1 and 2 however, are reprehensible. Why? You tell me.

On #1: How would taking money received from one group of (racial) bigots and giving it over to another group of (religious) bigots absolve Dr. Paul of any charge of bigotry? That $500 has already been spent on advancing a platform of liberty that is without race, creed or color. There is no need, no need indeed, to reinsert identity politics back into the equation.

On #2: I quite admire Dr. Paul's for having taken responsibility for the matter, even though he clearly didn't write those things. Further, I respect him for having the integrity to keep the rest of it out of the public's eye. Whomever wrote those things has a right to their opinion, no matter how reprehensible it is. And as a private citizen, who is (presumably) not running for President, they don't deserve to be targeted in a media witch hunt.

A true libertarian is one who defends liberty even when it is inconvenient. A true libertarian also knows that one cannot secure one's own rights without also defending the rights of those with whom you disagree.

Dr. Paul has acquitted himself admirably in both regards.

# posted at by Nitsa

John McCain was racist in the SC debate, read it here:
McCain racism during SC debate
Unfortunately it took segregationist Governor Wallace to reveal the truth that "there's not a dime's worth of difference between" Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, detaining protesters, banning books like America Deceived (book) from Amazon, stealing private lands (Kelo decision), warrant-less wiretapping and refusing to investigate 9/11 properly. They are both guilty of treason.
Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this great nation.

# posted at by Norman T

You only just learned about this stuff recently, Carl? This stuff was floating around the Digg community almost a year ago.

Honestly, I'm less and less impressed with you. You think well on your own (I remain a fan of, but put in a social situation you're far too quick to distance yourself from people. You look like someone who is desperately afraid of social contamination, like you think that being associated with Ron Paul can somehow tarnish your own reputation. Newsflash: you are not that big.

Not that I'm much better. I'm also backing away from the campaign, but not because of the smears. I'm just disappointed by his showing in New Hampshire. I'm glad about all the promotion of Liberty that went on under his banner, but he's quickly sliding from "could win" to "definitely won't win." Without an upset in New Hampshire, the rEVOLution doesn't really have much, in terms of winning. My support was for someone who can win. If I want to spend my money on a propaganda machine, I'll donate to a propaganda machine (such as,,,, etc).

At any rate, for someone who advocates tolerance and coalition building in terms of ideology, you certainly are quick to condemn where matters of strategy and personal honor are concerned.

# posted at by Tarvok [TypeKey Profile Page]

Tarvok: I had known that he had a conspiracy-themed newsletter. I had not known the extent of its ugliness.

The fact that he cannot win is also a factor. I'd be willing to commit political suicide to get a constitutionalist in office. As I said in the post, the potential deeds would outweigh the words if he could win.

But as long as the campaign continues to commit political suicide -- such as by keeping the Stormfront money -- it ceases to be an asset to the freedom movement.

I want to build an Upper Left coalition. I cannot do so while maintaining a positive association with racism. Building such a coalition starting with conspiracy theorists and racists as a foundation is a dead end. And I find such thinking to personally distasteful to boot.

I knew that this blog post was going to cost me a lot of friends. I too, was enthused by the Paul campaign. But if the Paul campaign reinforces leftist stereotypes of constitutionalists, then it is not a positive force for liberty.

I have outlined what the campaign can do to get back on track. That advice is far more valuable than any amount of money I could legally donate, or lit-dropping I could practically carry out.

# posted at by Carl

Another sunshine patriot bites the dust. A little blow-up in the taboo area of bogus race relations and you throw in the towel. Well good riddance. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and this guy Carl is one puny link. Ron said what the situation is and you refuse to believe him. Need to stick your fingers in the wounds or something? This is a war for the soul, not of the republican party (which is just another gang of tyrants trying to rule us), but of our great country, for its future as a free nation and some words in a 20 year old newsletter or a lousy $500 from a man whose views you donít like, causes you to chuck it all. This thing is not about Ron Paul; it is about the message he is carrying, it is the message of liberty (which includes others holding views we donít like) and freedom from overreaching government. You will never in this world find a perfect vehicle for delivering that message since only men can deliver it. But the man we have right now right here carrying that message comes pretty damn close to being the best one on the scene today. Donít side with the enemies of liberty; buck up and just fight harder for victory.

# posted at by Tom Mathers

Open Letter To Lew Rockwell - January 12, 2008

Dear Lew,

You have now had three opportunities Ė1996, 2001, and 2008 ó to prove that you are a friend of Ron Paul and freedom, and you have failed to do so each time.

This week, for the third time, the puerile, racist, and completely un-Pauline comments that all informed people say you have caused to appear in Ronís newsletters over the course of several years have become an issue in his campaign. This time the stakes are even higher than before. He is seeking nationwide office, the Republican nomination for President, and his campaign is attracting millions of supporters, not tens of thousands.

Three times you have failed to come forward and admit responsibility for and complicity in the scandals. You have allowed Ron to twist slowly in the wind. Because of your silence, Ron has been forced to issue repeated statements of denial, to answer repeated questions in multiple interviews, and to be embarrassed on national television. Your callous disregard for both Ron and his millions of supporters is unconscionable.

If you were Dr. Paulís friend, or a friend of freedom, as you pretend to be, by now you would have stepped forward, assumed responsibility for those asinine and harmful comments, resigned from any connection to Ron or his campaign, and relieved Ron of the burden of having to repeatedly deny the charges of racism. But you have not done so, and so the scandal continues to detract from Ronís message.

You know as well as I do that Ron does not have a racist bone in his body, yet those racist remarks went out under his name, not yours. Pretty clever. But now itís time to man up, Lew. Admit your role, and exonerate Ron. You should have done it years ago.

John Robbins, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff
Dr. Ron Paul, 1981-1985

# posted at by prezronpaul2008