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You Libertarian Relativist, You

by Micah Tillman

Jeffrey Rosen writes in The New Republic that Justice Scalia was concerned about the "relativism" which would occur after the Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. (h/t Ponnuru) Then Rosen says:

Watching the end of Spitzer's political career, however, I couldn't help feeling that Scalia had it entirely wrong. Despite the best efforts of some libertarians, the days of morals legislation are hardly over. Not only do the courts seem to be in no hurry to strike down these laws--the American public refuses to rush down the slippery slope that Scalia described.

One of these days, when I've finished everything else I have to do, I shall have to read Scalia's opinion. What I'm wondering right now is why we would look to the government to tell us -- through their laws -- what's right and wrong. I, for one, usually turn to other authorities when it comes to morality.