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Kent Snyder: Hail and Farewell

by Norm Singleton

With the passing of Kent Snyder the freedom movement has lost a true champion. Most of you know Kent as the Chairman of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, some of you may also remember him as the executive director of the Liberty Committee, while a few of you may even know he worked in Dr. Paul's 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign.

I had the fortune of knowing Kent as a friend and a brother-in-arms. Kent was the first person in Dr. Paul's inner circle to suggest that Dr. Paul run for President, without Kent there would have been no Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and think where the freedom movement would be without the rEVOLUtion. For one thing, imagine all the young people who are joining our movement who, absent Dr. Paul's campaign, would have drifted to Obama because they associated free markets with neoconservatism.

Kent defined "grace under pressure." No matter how tough things got during the campaign, whenever I spoke to him he was friendly and calm. Kent also never failed to thank everyone for their contributions to the cause. Unlike so many in DC, Kent never judged people by status or how they could help him. Kent treated everyone the same and had a genuine interest in his fellow human beings, and was one of the most generous people I have had the privileged to know.

Thank you, for everything Kent, I know I speak for everyone who knew and loved you when I say the world seems a much darker and confusing place without you there to help light our way.

BTW- Here is Ron Paul's tribute to Kent.