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Obama - Biden

by Michael Bindner

The choice has been made. I'll take that crow with ketchup.

The Main Stream Media was right after all, it was Biden. He brings national security to the table as well as Catholicism. He also has enough of a spine to effectively argue with any Bishop who tries to deny him communion for his defense of abortion rights - at last I hope he does. Kerry was a disaster in that regard, chalking it up to pluralism - how wishy washy. Protecting fetal rights in law sounds good until you analyze who would be sent to jail and what effect that would have on society and on women and girls. One can agree that 1. abortion is wrong and 2. criminal action to stop it is misguided. Most Americans actually believe that, because by and large it makes sense and is why I favor economic incentives to carry the child to term and provide families with kids with a middle class lifestyle, all with as little direct government involvement as possible.