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Coordinating towards higher values

More Libertarian Philosophical Quibbles

by Carl Milsted, Jr.

For those interested in the purist/pragmatist (or moralist/consequentialist) debate that eternally rages in libertarian circles, check out my essay in the December issue of Liberty. It is now available online.

The Other McCain says it's worth reading.

Meanwhile, Stephan Kinsella, Inquisitor of the Rothbard Cult, brilliantly refutes my arguments with a combination of sneer quotes, name-calling, stereotyping, and citation of higher authority.

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carl, Leninist tactics are easily seen through.

Patience really is a virtue!

# posted at by Robert Capozzi

Well done! So, let's find that term (or terms) for impure moral consequentialists who wish to engage in empathy and reduce government. Then lets attract other adherents.

# posted at by Michael Bindner