| Foreign Policy

Don't Like Israel's Settlements: Stop Paying the Tab!

by Paul Gessing

The Obama Administration recently condemned Israel's announcement of expanded settlements on Palestinian lands. This is all well and good and it is about time that an American leader at least expressed the position that Israel should not expand settlements as they contradict US policy.

But is this "outrage" going to have any impact? Not really. After all, the Obama Administration speaks with a forked tongue. While they claim to be concerned and frustrated with Israel's antics, the Administration has not threatened to cut the $3 billion in foreign aid American taxpayers send to the nation. So, in essence, while Obama expresses his concerns, we're paying the tab. Does this make any sense?

Me, I'd rather cut off foreign aid to all countries (including Israel which receives a disproportionate share). This is especially true at a time of ballooning deficits and economic difficulties here at home. Ultimately, however, as the Cato Institute has pointed out, foreign aid is ineffective.