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Global Warming Goodies

by Carl Milsted, Jr.

Iíve been a bit too busy to blog here lately, but I have written a bit elsewhere which some of you may find of interest. I just compiled a list of 82 ways to fight global warming. This is rather longer and meatier than the typical lists you will find by googling around. There was an SEO (search engine optimization) contest a while back to see who could rank highest for a global warming keyword phrase, so the Internet is littered with spammy sites on the subject. Iím on a mission to rank higher with some real info.

My list is not the usual feel good/be part of the chorus fluff, nor does it feature trivial actions like pumping up your tires so you can feel every pebble on the road. If global warming is a real problem, we must either demand that the developing world must permanently remain behind us in per capita carbon fuel consumption or we must cut our carbon consumption by 75% just to maintain the current worldwide carbon dioxide output as the developing world modernizes. To slow down or stop global warming requires even more cuts and/or sequestration.

Neither bouncy tires, compact fluorescent bulbs, nor windmills will do the trick. Radical actions will be necessary. But which radical actions? Thatís the trillion dollar question.

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Stopping global warming is the last thing we need to do. Prior to the Little Ice Age from the 16th Century (or before - some say the 13th) until the 19th Century, it never snowed in London. Until we get back to that, the dangers of global warming are exaggerated.

Indeed, if manmade global warming is a fact, then stopping or reversing it could take us back into the Little Ice Age. Frankly, I'd rather not go there.

Drill, Baby, Drill.

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Haha so true.