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Paulites looking for another straw poll victory

by James Plummer

NEW ORLEANS -- Coming off their victory in the Presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference, supporters of ( columnist) Congressman Ron Paul are trying to make another splash this weekend with another win. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference is this weekend, with speeches by noted Republican politicos and networking opportunities for conservative activists.

The Paul-affiliated Campaign For Liberty has a presence here and more Paulites are expected to arrive tomorrow in time for the Congressman's speech. A donor has provided several tickets through C4L discounted to $30 from the face value of a couple hundred dollars. "Evangelicals for Mitt" is making a push to get Romney supporters to attend and vote. Palin partisans are making their presence known also. Gov. Gary Johnson, a Paul ally and potential 2012 candidate himself, is here too.

The straw poll voting goes on all day today and tomorrow, with results announced Saturday evening. Meanwhile, MSNBC reports that if Paul wins again, the losers will pressure future Republican confabs to cancel their polls.

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Lost by one vote to the (probably paid) Rombots! Bummer.

# posted at by Michael Bindner

I the Dr. Pauls and their supporters should begin to look at the Independence Party. At this stage, anyone can game straw polls - however the Tea Party movement seems to be composed of (sometime paid) GOP activists, rather than a new source of transpartisan vigor. With changing the LP probably not being an option and the GOP sounding increasingly shrill and corporatist (at least in practice), the thing for Free Liberals and Paulistas to do may be to join the Indpendence Party (which is about more than Bloomberg). Of course, if we do that, we need to play nice with the other party members. Being in a major party is about building consensus and sharing power. We don't always have to get our way all the time.

# posted at by Michael Bindner