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"They'd like us to go away..."

by , Editor in Chief , Free Liberal

A poignant story from 1988:

Toward the end of the campaign… we had a little episode with the National Election Service when the NES said, “Libertarians aren’t people, we won’t count them.”…

I hit the [NES director] with what they were really proposing. I said, “What you do as a service if a Republican got 45% of the vote, a Democrat got 45% of the vote, and a Libertarian gets 10% of the vote. How are you going to report that on election night?”

He looked at me straight in the eye and he said, “50-50.”

And I started to laugh and he got very angry… It was so absurd, you couldn’t get angry… My reaction was just to laugh at him which made him furious…

It is just the type of attitude that they have. They’d like us to go away, but it is not going to be the case. I think they are going to hear a lot more from us as time goes one and just by pretending we don’t exist, it is not going to solve the problem.

Ron Paul told this story 23 years ago in 1989 to a group of Libertarian Party leaders. See the video.


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