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How should a free liberal Virginian vote?

by , Editor in Chief , Free Liberal

Well, that’s for free liberal Virginians to decide, but in considering the problem I’ve written up some questions that I will use in guiding my decision.

1. Who is most invested in the success of the Commonwealth? Who cares the most about Virginia’s success or failure?

2. Who has the best managerial skills to wrangle the bureaucracy and deal with short run management issues?

3. Who best represents the idea that “Virginia is for lovers”?

4. Who will doggedly defend Liberty against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

5. Who is most likely to stand with Tertium Quids in demanding respect for property rights, education reform, and fiscal sanity?

Question 1 is holistic — which candidate will represent a solution to Virginia’s problems as a whole. Question 2 is about the professional capacities of the governor-elect. Question 3 is about tolerance and openness. Question 4 is about the preservation of Virginia Liberty. Question 5 is the most specific and political, reflecting my own affiliation and my own priorities.


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Kevin Rollins is the founder and editor of Free Liberal and principal of Kevin Rollins Consulting. He was formerly the managing editor of Econ Journal Watch. He holds a master’s in economics from George Mason University.