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The Libertarian Party seems to be having trouble getting the message. I’m not a party member, but I continue to be solicited for funds and invited to participate in party events. I appreciate the attention, but they are wasting their scarce funds on trying to bring me back in. Today, I received this message from the party’s national director:

Hi Kevin,

I see that your Libertarian Party membership has expired.

Any chance you could renew today?

You can renew your membership by clicking here.

I hope all is well!


Wes Benedict

I responded:


I’m sorry, but I will not be renewing my Libertarian Party membership. I do not consider myself to be a Libertarian Party member. I have cut up my party membership card.

I am for now and the foreseeable future a free liberal Independent.

The Libertarian Party is a failed strategy that is actually hurting the United States. It promotes a radical version of libertarian thinking that I do not agree with and I believe drives reasonable people away from libertarian principles. It also draws in (and wastes the time of) persons who could probably better advance liberty through a different strategy (and we can look around and see many fine organizations). The Republican Liberty Caucus has made inroads in the GOP. It would be great to see a similar operation in the Democratic Party.

Here’s a simple testable proposition: any political speech and outreach that can be done through the Libertarian Party can be done at a lower cost as a political Independent. If anyone is interested in talking about how to operationalize this test, I am available for consultation.




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