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Refuge from the Storm

by , Contributing Editor , Free Liberal

The storm clouds are rolling in and we may soon be in for a long night.

Let us hope with dawn comes some peace to anyone whether Syrian, Iraqi, Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Israeli, Palestinian, Chaldean, or Assyrian.

We have as a people, been through this night before. Now we have the opportunity to atone for our past indiscretions and lapses in judgement in Iraq and our middle eastern policy writ large. If there is in any sense of the humanitarian buried beneath the clamor for bloodshed, we might with friends, allies, and others, find some common purpose and some mechanism to relieve the suffering of these peoples affected by war.

Let us allow them to come here to live peaceful meaningful lives. The path of war is one wretched, wrought by hate and stretches endlessly into the distance bounded by ditches of blood, it is littered with the burnt hulks of our machines of death, our ruined cities. In this desolate wilderness hapless broken people wander endlessly as refugees. We cannot afford this path any longer, it is time now for peace.


Tom Thrasher, Contributing Editor
Tom Thrasher is an editor and commentator for Free Liberal.