"He who sees the truth, let him proclaim it, without asking who is for it or who is against it."
-- Henry George

About the Editors

Kevin D. Rollins is Editor and Publisher of The Free Liberal. He is also the organizer of the College Libertarians Working Group, a non-partisan, educational organization working to provide tools and guidance to students who want to promote libertarian ideas on their campuses.

Before creating The Free Liberal, he worked with George Mason University's Students for Individual Liberty to publish The Beltway Free-Marketeer.

Kevin has held a number of positions within the Libertarian Party, including Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Buncombe County, Ballot Access Director of Libertarian Party of North Carolina, Communications Director of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, and Editor of Virginia Liberty, LPVA's newsletter. During his chairmanship, the Libertarian Party of Buncombe County was awarded Top Volunteer County in 2001 and Most Active County in 2002. He ran for Asheville, NC city council in 2001 as a member of the Asheville Freedom Team.

Kevin now lives in the D.C. suburbs and is pursuing a business education.

Robert Capozzi is a Senior Editor of The Free Liberal. He works as a private investor. Capozzi is a former investor relations executive for several Washington, DC, area publicly traded corporations. In an earlier career, he was a policy analyst for Citizens for a Sound Economy, which he helped found. Capozzi has been a registered Congressional lobbyist. In addition to The Free Liberal, Capozzi has been published in the Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chicago Tribune, and Inquiry magazine.

Paul J. Gessing is a Senior Editor of The Free Liberal and is a member of its founding committee. His writings have been published in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and U.S. News & World Report. Prior public policy jobs included working at the Marijuana Policy Project and Congressman Bernie Sanders' office.

He received his B.A. in Political Science from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and is pursuing his MBA at the University of Maryland. Paul resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dr. Carl Milsted, Jr. is a Senior Editor of The Free Liberal and is a member of its founding committee. He is the author of holisticpolitics.org and is currently the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Buncombe County, NC. He also runs Tools for World Liberation, a mail-order company providing tools to libertarian activists and Quiz2d.com, an online version of the popular Nolan quiz.

By day, Milsted is a physicist who writes software for national defense related applications. He hopes to eventually move on to the more interesting and lucrative field of Mad Science.

Michael D. Ostrolenk is a Senior Editor of The Free Liberal and is a member of its founding committee. He is President of Global Integral Solutions. He has his undergraduate degree in government from West Virginia Wesleyan College. His Masters Degree is in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He did post-graduate training in Somatic and Health Psychology. Michael is certified in Spiral Dynamics and Wade Mindsets andk is a licensed psychotherapist (CA).

He was formerly on the Board of Directors for the Health Medicine Forum. He now serves on the Board of Directors for the Integral Foundation, Citizens for Computer Choice and the Somatic Awareness Research and Education Corporation. He is also on the Board of Advisors for the Caribbean Institute for Human Rights and Sustainable Development. Michael is an Associate with the Integral Institute and the MAPping Alliance.

Michael also serves as a public policy consultant to the following organizations: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Citizens for Health, Campaign for Better Health, American Society of Dermatology, Medical Privacy Coalition and the Arlington Institute. He is also a co-founding partner of the Green Economic Movement Strategies (GEMS).

Leonard T. Harris is an Associate Editor of The Free Liberal and a member of its founding committee. Leonard currently serves as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and as the organizer of the Patrick Henry Supper Club in Richmond.

He has worked as a graphic designer, web developer, and librarian for various businesses and organizations, including the Cato Institute and the Employment Policy Foundation. Leonard also did a stint as Managing Editor of Free-Market.net in 2000.

Leonard is an avid chess player. He was cofounder of the University of Virginia Chess Club and served as Chief Tournament Director of the Kaissa Chess Club in Richmond in 2002-2003.

He has two bachelors degrees from UVA, a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in History. Leonard resides in Richmond.

James Turbett is an Associate Editor of The Free Liberal. He was born in a log cabin in Oakland, California and was raised in Falls Church, Virginia and Maplewood, New Jersey. Jim attended University of Michigan and was honorably discharged after a short time in the Navy. An Internal Revenue Service employee for 31 years, Jim has served as chairman of the Libertarian Party of Fairfax County and as president of the Fairfax County Taxpayer's Alliance.

Michael Gilson De Lemos is a Contributing Editor to The Free Liberal. Known to colleagues as "MG," Michael Gilson serves on the Libertarian National Committee and is spearheading the Libertarian Citizen project. He was co-founder of the Libertarian International Organization and is a former management consultant, union member, and journalist whose work has been read worldwide. MG lives in south Florida.

Steve Damerell is a Contributing Editor to The Free Liberal and is a member of its founding committee. He serves as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and is a former LP headquarters staffer. He served as Editor-In-Chief of his college newspaper The Swinging Bridge. He works as an analyst for a federal government contractor and lives in Fairfax, VA.

"Chemical Ali" Massoud is a father, political theorist, apostate Muslim, small business owner, college graduate, crack rifle marksman, a compulsive blogger, cat lover, shrewd investor, US Army veteran, and currently single. He lives in Michigan. To see what he means by "Anarchy," and other ideas he has click here

Tracy Silcox is a Contributing Editor to The Free Liberal. She is studying political science at the American University and is president of the AU College Libertarians. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

Jason D. Talley is a Contributing Editor to The Free Liberal. He runs the Bureaucrash Foundation as Crasher-in-Chief. Jason served tours in Great Britain and Japan while in the U.S. Air Force. After four years, Jason moved back to his hometown of Gainesville, Florida where he started a political action committee, the Liberty Project, and ran for the City Commission on a pro-freedom platform. He has held various positions in politics, web development and graphic design. Jason volunteered on the Tax Slavery Sucks campaign and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) CounterProtest in Quebec, Canada. In January 2002, Jason joined the Henry Hazlitt Foundation and in January 2003 he transitioned Bureaucrash into its own foundation.

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