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Writing guide · Free Liberal

Free Liberal

Coordinating towards higher values

Writing guide

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Free Liberal is accepting submissions on the following topics:

Being free and liberal
Values, goals, and habits for personal liberty, celebrating the benefits of liberalism, instantiating a free liberal way of being in your personal life and relationships
Connecting with others to grow a richer, more joyful, peaceful, and just world together
World liberalism
Nurturing connections across borders for a global liberal movement
Innovation in business, society, and culture
Liberal vision
Articles about the liberal view of economics, human rights, politics, rule of law, and social change
Articles that focus on building a common-ground culture beyond partisan divisions
Long-term vision
The history and future of liberalism
Topical content and current events

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Free Liberal generally publishes short pieces of five hundred to 1,000 words. All articles should be a mixture of information and analysis; no pure rants, please. We look for articles that are transpartisan and open-ended.

We encourage authors to think about dividing longer pieces into a series of shorter articles, with each piece being adaptable to new information and responses we receive to the earlier parts already published. Rather than publish one long piece of 3,000 words, for example, we prefer to run three to six shorter pieces over the course of a month.

We welcome “point-comment”-style content—basically a quote with your commentary given in a few paragraphs. We are also interested in Q&A pieces, where the interviewee is sent three to five questions by the interviewer. Depending on the length of the responses, a single question-answer might be published as an article or all five together.

Articles may link to various media, including longer works. Please consider sending us hyperlinks to pictures and/or videos you believe are appropriate to help express the article’s content.

Every piece passes through review of at least one editor before being published. Featured articles get reviewed by two editors. Submissions may be edited for clarity.

Check our about and vision pages for more about Free Liberal.


John Stephens is a Quaker illustrator and web developer.
John Stephens is a Quaker, designer, and web architect in Virginia. You can find him at Design Opus. You should follow @johnstephens on twitter here.