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Bob Capozzi, Senior Editor

by , Editor in Chief , Free Liberal

Our frequent readers may notice some slight changes to the Free Liberal website this morning. On the masthead on the homepage, we now have a new Senior Editor at the Free Liberal. Joining the original Senior Editors, Paul Gessing, Carl Milsted, and Michael Ostrolenk, who helped found this publication nearly 3 years ago, is Robert Capozzi.

Bob joined the Free Liberal team early last year, and he began writing articles for us and attending our regular social hour. He quickly jumped into the role of one of the most reliable editors both of his own work and of others’ work. I eventually asked him if I could call him Associate Editor and pass more editing responsibilities his way. He has taken on more and more of these important tasks and for nearly half a year has been managing the daily content presented on

But, perhaps even more important than all of his other fine work, have been his intellectual contributions to this project. Bob has helped define what we are as an organization — what a “Free Liberal” is to the outside world. He has challenged many people’s thinking, and often the thinking of other members of the Free Liberal team. We are stronger for it. And so, once again, we recognize his impact by naming him Senior Editor.

Consider taking a moment to review some of Bob’s writings at the Free Liberal.

And also take a look at his extensive list of Free For All blog entries.


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