Those Pimple-Faced Ron Paul Online Spammers Strike Again

by Stephen Gordon

While "they" say Ron Paul supporters are a half-dozen kids hiding in their parents' basements spamming online polls, I'd like to know how they spammed these two events: Alabama and New Hampshire.

Here's the concluding clip from the one I observed:

No matter how many of his supporters admire, respect or adore him, this wasnít about Ron Paul. At this point, Ron Paul is the face of the movement and his political accomplishments combined with his consistent conservative/libertarian track record have more than earned him this spot.

However, this is about a movement. A movement of an eclectic bunch of people who are very serious about freedom. This is the first time Iíve seen these groups of people work so well together to produce a tangible political result.

As the old-timers and political consultant types discussed the issue, there seemed to be almost universal agreement: No matter how Ron Paul does in the presidential election, there is a new movement afoot. Like the Goldwater era, this movement alone can transform the entire political landscape for an entire generation, or even more.