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Coordinating towards higher values

Carl Milsted's new book

by Kevin Rollins

If you’ve been reading Free Liberal all these years, you know that Dr. Carl Milsted has been a big influence on our direction and concept. He’s collected his wisdom from in the form of a new e-book.

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Prosperity, Inflation, and Income Taxes

by Joseph Swetnam

During a recent discussion with Paul Jacob, I looked up the two graphs below. They tell an interesting story together. The first one shows how price levels have changed since the founding of the nation, and it’s shocking. Basically, prices didn’t change at all from 1775 until the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913, then they rose modestly until 1971, when Nixon divorced the dollar from gold. Since then, prices have shot up dramatically.

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Time to Drop the NATO Charade?

by Kevin Rollins | 3 comments

Withdrawal of the United States from NATO should be on the table. We could then choose our military engagements as a matter of public policy, and not as a commitment to treaty partners who are half-hearted in their commitment at best.

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Something is Rotten in the State of Missouri

by Tom Thrasher | 2 comments

The combination of militarized police responses to lawful demonstration, alienation of the community from the police, and a pattern of purposeful delays to regular investigations that the Ferguson incident remains emblematic of a deeply disturbing reality that our criminal justice system has ceased to apply a common set of rules to all people equally.

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Labor Day Reflections

by Kevin Rollins

Today, a friend, who has been working on building a financial advisory business over the past couple of years, shared via Facebook a reflection on her experience laboring as an entrepreneur:

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Social Cooperation in Ferguson: An Interview with Michael Thomas

by Tom Thrasher

If basic protections such as that of the person, and the more concrete rights such as individual and group safety are not first provided, discussions of higher order complex property rights such as shops, and personal property cannot enter effectively into consideration. If property rights of the individuals on the ground are not protected, it demands a question: How can they ever hope to have a society that respects the abstract property rights of things and places?

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